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RF SYS Design Kit   RF SYS-3000  

· Spectrum Analyzer(PSA-3000) + Tracking Generator
  - Use to test the capability for Module / System
  - Implementation the function for Scalar Network Analyzer
    including Tracking Generator
  - High performance Digital synthesizer mode
    Frequency Range : 9 kHz ~ 3 GHz
    Amplitude Range : -130 dBm ~ 20 dBm

· Test Module / System Module Kit  
  - Use to test the capability for Module / System
  - Configuration Module / system are using at the industrial field.
  - Inclusion LOCAL OSC of function for Signal Generator.
  - Implementation the system through Active / Passive Module.
  - Transmitter / receiver for mobile communication


· How to Use Spectrum Analyzer / Scalar Network Analyzer
  - Usage of Spectrum Analyzer / Scalar Network Analyzer which is 
     the basis of RF measurement, along with calibration procedures


· Passive Module (Element) 
  - Attenuator, Monolithic Filter(LPF, HPF, BPF), Microstrip Filter(BPF, LPF),
    SAW Filter(RF, IF), Duplexer, Combiner / Divider, Antenna,

Coupler, Detector(Log Amp, Schottky Diode)

· RF MMIC Module (Element)
  - RF Switch, Relay Switch, RF Digital Step Attenuator, Voltage Variable 

· Frequency Conversion

- Understanding of frequency conversion through performing experiments 
    on Mixer and MMIC Mixer, mathematical frequency

 conversion and actual differences in frequency conversion through the 
    Mixer element

· Local OSC, PLL Synthesizer
  - Design of OSC, VCO and Reference(VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO) 
    PLL Synthesizer

·  Amplifier
  - Understanding and performance verification of Gain Block Amp, 
    Low Noise Amp and Power Amp

· Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)
  - Various applications of DDS, a precision digital element

· Frequency Doubler / Divider
  - Verification of the Frequency Doubler / Divider characteristics for RF System and 
    Local OSC expansion

· Tx DAC, Baseband LPF, IQ Modulator, IQ Demodulator, Transmitter / Receiver
  - Conversion of Analog Baseband from the Digital Baseband, IF or RF conversion at the 
    Baseband, QPSK using the Modulator and 
characteristics of RF Transmitter in digital 
    communications ; and verification of each performance through Spectrum Analyzer

· Up/Down Converter, Small-size Repeater, Signal Generator
 - Basic principles and design applications of Up/Down Converter, Small-size Repeater and 
   Signal Generator in the system block

· RF System Parameter
  - System performance testing and verification on Noise Figure, Noise Floor, Harmonic, 
    Inter Modulation, P1dB, IP3, Insertion Loss, 
Isolation, VSWR, S-Parameter, 
    Frequency Accuracy, Amplitude Accuracy, Linear Scale_dB Scale, Phase Noise, 
    Phase Linearity

· CDMA, WCDMA Modulator / Demodulator

-  Analog base band at digital signals, CDMA through IQ modulation and creation processes of 
WCDMA signal; and CDMA and WCDMA demodulation processes and theories through 
IQ demodulation

· Waveform Generator
  - Understanding of the Waveform Generator(Function Generator) that generates CW Sine, 
    Triangle Wave and Square Wave

·SMA(m) ~ SMA(m), 1m : 2ea
·SMA(m) ~ SMA(m), 30cm : 4ea
·800MHz ANT : 2ea



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