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· Sweep frequency : 2~310MHz[1-band]
· Marker frequency : 2~260MHz[4-band]
· 4digits LED display
· Built-in automatic level control(ALC) circuits


· 10kHz~1040MHz AM/FM standerd signal generator
· self-diagnosis and calibration functions
· Built-in reverse power protection circuit(25W Max.)

  9kHz~6.2GHz SPECTRUM ANALYZER   PSA-6000  
 High-performance digital synthesizer method
 Wide Frequency Coverage : 9 kHz ~ 6.2 GHz
 Superior Resolution : Minimum 1 Hz
 Compact & Portable size
 Wide Input Dynamic Range : -105 ~ 20 dBm
 Ease-of-Use Key Buttons
 CDMA Measurement : ACPR, ACLR, OCBW, Channel Power
 Various and Convenient Interfaces : USB, LAN
 0.5 ppm high precision reference

1. High definition 640 × 480 color TFT LCD
High definition color TFT LCD enables high precision measurement and natural data display.

2. Simple and easy to use KEY
Keys are allocated for user’s conveniences so that users can be easily familiar with them. 
And they provide various functions.

3. CDMA Measurement
∙ Channel Power (CHP) Measurement : The PSA-6000 model provides power measurement 
   functions for mobile communication and simple menus. Measured values are automatically 
   displayed at the bottom of trace.
∙ OBW Measurement : Measures the Occupied Bandwith(OBW) of modulation signal in the unit of %
∙ ACP Measurement : Measures the influence of transmitted power on the Adjacent Channel, or the
   ratio of power to the Adjacent Channel throughout the mobile communication system using 

4. USB Interface
- Can store measured data into the USB Memory through its built-in USB Host that supports 
   USB 1.1 and USB 2.0(GIF Format).
- Can convert measured data to MS Excel as it also supports the CSV file format.
- Supports nearly all types of printers such as Centronics printer and USB Interface printer.
- Firmware can be upgraded through USB by clicking on our website, http://www.ed.co.kr.

5. Large Internal Memory Space
- Waveform : stores maximum 900 waveforms
- State: stores maximum 3,000 states
- Easily stores/calls waveforms and states of the equipment based on various types of 
   application and usage

9kHz to 6.2GHz
Minimum 1 Hz
Span Range
100Hz/div to 600MHz/div
1,2,5steps Selection(Automatic), ZERO Span, FULL Span (9 kHz to 6.2 GHz)
 Frequency Selection
Start, Stop, Center Span Setup
Span Accuracy
±3% of the Indicated Span Width
Readout Accuracy
≤±(Indicated frequency × reference frequency accuracy + span × span accuracy + 50% of RBW)
Phase Noise
≤ -90 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset
+20 dBm ~ -105 dBm
Average Noise Level
(1kHz RBW,
 10Hz VBW)
≤ -105 dBm : 150 kHz ~ 2.7 GHz
≤ -100 dBm : 2.7 GHz ~ 6.2 GHz
Amplitude Unit
dBm, dBmV, dBμV, V, mV, μV, W, mW, μW
Display Scale
≤ ±1.5dB/70dB(10dB/div), ≤ ±1.5dB/40dB(5dB/div)
≤ ±0.5dB/8dB(1dB/div), ≤ ±0.5dB/16dB(2dB/div)
Frequency Response
(Based on 0dB atten)
Reference Level
0.1 dB
2nd Harmonic Distortion
≤ -60dBc, -40dBm input
Intermodulation Distortion
≤ -70dBc, -40dBm input
Residual Spurious
≤ -85dBm (Input terminated, 0 dB attenuation)
Other Input Spurious
≤ -60dBc, -30dBm input
Resolution Bandwidth
1kHz, 3kHz, 10kHz, 30kHz, 100kHz, 300kHz, 1MHz, 3MHz, 9kHz, 120kHz
60dB/3dB ratio < 15 : 1
60dB/6dB ratio < 12 : 1 (9kHz, 120kHz)
Switching Error

≤ ±1.0dB(1kHz Reference RBW)

Video Bandwidth
10Hz to 3MHz in 1-3-10step
100ms to 1000sec, 40ms to 1000sec(Zero span)
≤ ±20%
Trigger Source
External(rear), Video, Freerun, Line
Trigger Modes
continuous, single
Trigger Level
TTL level
Trace Storage
Maximum 900 waveforms
Setup Storage
Maximum 3000 states


6.4″Color TFT LCD
Display Resolution

640(H)×480(V) active display area

Marker Modes
Peak search, Delta marker, Marker to Center
Marker to Reference(8markers maximum)


RF Input Connector
N type Female, 50ohm nominal
150kHz~3.0GHz; VSWR < 1.5 : 1 (0 dBm Ref Level)
3.0GHz~6.2GHz ; VSWR < 2 : 1 (0 dBm Ref Level)   typical < 1.5 : 1
Maximum Input Level
0Vdc, +20dBm


Temperature Stability
BNC female
Input Level
-5dBm to +15dBm
Output Level
10MHz, +8dBm nominal
PCL Command, HP, EPSON, Laser-Jet, Desk-Jet
Standard 25 pin female D-Sub using parallel connector
USB Host
Printer Driver
PCL Command, HP, EPSON, Laser-Jet, Desk-Jet
USB Storage Device
Supports 1.1 and 2.0, image file for storage, GIF format
10-Base-T Ethernet
Supports internet remote control
GPIB Interface
IEEE 488 bus


Warming up Time
20 minutes for the precision measurement
Source Voltage and Frequency
100-240 VAC at 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
80 watts maximum without option
Operating Temperature
0℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature
-20℃ to 70℃
RF Emissions, Immunity
RF emissions
EN 55011, FCC PART 15 Section 15,101
RF Immunity
EN 61326
 GPIB Interface (IEEE 488 Bus)
 ETHERNET Interface ; for Internet Remote Control
 General KIT SET
RF SYS Design Kit   RF SYS-3000  

· Spectrum Analyzer(PSA-3000) + Tracking Generator
  - Use to test the capability for Module / System
  - Implementation the function for Scalar Network Analyzer
    including Tracking Generator
  - High performance Digital synthesizer mode
    Frequency Range : 9 kHz ~ 3 GHz
    Amplitude Range : -130 dBm ~ 20 dBm

· Test Module / System Module Kit  
  - Use to test the capability for Module / System
  - Configuration Module / system are using at the industrial field.
  - Inclusion LOCAL OSC of function for Signal Generator.
  - Implementation the system through Active / Passive Module.
  - Transmitter / receiver for mobile communication


· How to Use Spectrum Analyzer / Scalar Network Analyzer
  - Usage of Spectrum Analyzer / Scalar Network Analyzer which is 
     the basis of RF measurement, along with calibration procedures


· Passive Module (Element) 
  - Attenuator, Monolithic Filter(LPF, HPF, BPF), Microstrip Filter(BPF, LPF),
    SAW Filter(RF, IF), Duplexer, Combiner / Divider, Antenna,

Coupler, Detector(Log Amp, Schottky Diode)

· RF MMIC Module (Element)
  - RF Switch, Relay Switch, RF Digital Step Attenuator, Voltage Variable 

· Frequency Conversion

- Understanding of frequency conversion through performing experiments 
    on Mixer and MMIC Mixer, mathematical frequency

 conversion and actual differences in frequency conversion through the 
    Mixer element

· Local OSC, PLL Synthesizer
  - Design of OSC, VCO and Reference(VCXO, TCXO, VCTCXO, OCXO) 
    PLL Synthesizer

·  Amplifier
  - Understanding and performance verification of Gain Block Amp, 
    Low Noise Amp and Power Amp

· Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)
  - Various applications of DDS, a precision digital element

· Frequency Doubler / Divider
  - Verification of the Frequency Doubler / Divider characteristics for RF System and 
    Local OSC expansion

· Tx DAC, Baseband LPF, IQ Modulator, IQ Demodulator, Transmitter / Receiver
  - Conversion of Analog Baseband from the Digital Baseband, IF or RF conversion at the 
    Baseband, QPSK using the Modulator and 
characteristics of RF Transmitter in digital 
    communications ; and verification of each performance through Spectrum Analyzer

· Up/Down Converter, Small-size Repeater, Signal Generator
 - Basic principles and design applications of Up/Down Converter, Small-size Repeater and 
   Signal Generator in the system block

· RF System Parameter
  - System performance testing and verification on Noise Figure, Noise Floor, Harmonic, 
    Inter Modulation, P1dB, IP3, Insertion Loss, 
Isolation, VSWR, S-Parameter, 
    Frequency Accuracy, Amplitude Accuracy, Linear Scale_dB Scale, Phase Noise, 
    Phase Linearity

· CDMA, WCDMA Modulator / Demodulator

-  Analog base band at digital signals, CDMA through IQ modulation and creation processes of 
WCDMA signal; and CDMA and WCDMA demodulation processes and theories through 
IQ demodulation

· Waveform Generator
  - Understanding of the Waveform Generator(Function Generator) that generates CW Sine, 
    Triangle Wave and Square Wave

·SMA(m) ~ SMA(m), 1m : 2ea
·SMA(m) ~ SMA(m), 30cm : 4ea
·800MHz ANT : 2ea



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