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  Intelligent Robot Development Kit   ED-7273  

· Obstacle avoidance and autonomous traveling using eight ultrasonic sensors
· Various types of robot configuration by combining each module
· Remote control by the Controller
· Precise operation by DC Servo Motor
· Flow chart based programming software

System Structure


· DC Servo Motor : Zeros the radius of circulation by placing two DC gear lead motors and 
                               an incremental encoder in the center
· Power Management : Manages the entire power and supplies power to each controller 
                                     and motors
· Battery : Consists of a smart Li-Ion battery, has a capacity of 15V, 4A (Max) and has 
                 a removable design
· Sensor Controller : Includes ultrasonic and infrared sensors via USB and sends signal 
                                   to the host by monitoring sensors
· Motion Controller : Precisely control the DC Servo motor in terms of speed, position and mode 
                                 and determines the mileage of a robot based on information from an 
                                 incremental encoder
· USB Hub : Sensors and motion controllers in a robot send commands to the host PC via a 
                    USB hub to allow a direct control over a robot
Motion Controller Avaliable motor 2 axis
Operation mode closed loop
Mechanism 2-Wheel Differential  
Battery(include) Lithium-Ion(2S1P), DC15V, 4A  
Sensor Part (include) Ultrasonic 10cm to 4M
IR Distance 10cm to 80cm
IR Recive(Remocon)  
Battle System IR Transmission/Receive 
(Single body)
Damage Detect LED Green, Red  
Charger 15V, 8A Constant Voltage Charger  
OS CPU Intel Pentium 2GHz or over
Memory 512MB or higher
※ Providing separate power to OS
Windows XP
Option Specification
Pan/Tilt Camera CMOS Camera 1/4-inch CMOS color image sensor
Video Capture : 640X480 pixels
30 frame per second
Resolution : 330,000 pixel
RC Motor 3.3kg cm toque
Pan/Tilt RC Motor
(Append Purchasing)
Lithium-Ion(2S1P), DC15V, 4A  
Voice Synthesis Voice synthetic function  by using Korean female voice  
Voice Recognition Speaker’s voice distinctive recognition method  
Size : Ø380X260(H)mm
Weight : 10kg
Basic practice using Visual C++
Basic control experiments
   ㆍDC motor
   ㆍRC motor
   ㆍSensor (ultrasonic, infrared) control
   ㆍImage sensor control

Basic robot control practice 
   ㆍImage trace control 
   ㆍMap generation application
   ㆍAutonomous driving application
• Pan/Tilt Camera
» CMOS Camera : 1/4-inch CMOS color Image Sensor 
                                   Video Capture : 640 x 480 pixels 
                                   30 frame Per Second 
                                   Resolution : 330,000 pixel
» RC Motor : 3.3kg cm Toque, Pan/Tilt RC Motor
• Laser for IR(Transmission & Reception)
• Navigation Module
• Driver Tool Set : 1ea
• Bolt Storage Box : 1ea
• Infrared Remote Controlle r: 1ea
• Carrying Case : 1ea
• Software CD : 1ea
• User Manual : 1ea
Assembling Method of Robot

Custody Box

Assembling Process




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