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  Intelligent Robot Trainer   ED-7271  

· 10 types of sensors, 3 types of actuator modules and 4 types of application modules essential for 
  the intelligent robot 
· System structure for seizing the essence of artificial intelligence robots
· Enriched examples for the beginning level to an advanced level in the robot class
· Easy to mount modules by the clamping device 
· Visual, graphical expression of each sensor’s result
· USB High Speed(480Mbps) Interface 
· Extensive learning for the sensors being used in the field of ubiquitous and home network 
· Image processing practice using USB camera
· Application experiment using MSRDS(Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio)

List of Experiments
· Understanding of the artificial intelligence robot
· Classification of technologies applied to the artificial intelligence robot
· Basic structure, mechanism and strength and weakness of the robot
· Principle and practice of the sensor modules
· Types and characteristics of the Actuators (DC Servo Motor, Step Motor, RC Motor) 
· Image processing experiments using the CCD Image Sensor
  (Digital image processing theory and pattern/color recognition principles and experiments) 
· Applied experiments using the intelligent robot kit


Main Controller Module   ED-7271-15 (Control Module)
Interface : USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 2.0 Hub Include)
Support Function : DC Motor Control (2 Slot), RC Motor Control,
Step Motor Control, Serial Sensor Network (4 Slot) 
Operating Voltage : 12V/5A, 5V/3A 
Certification : EMI/EMC with AC Power 
Dimension : 166(W)×86(H)×248(D)mm

DC Motor Module (2ea)
ED-7271-13 (Actuator Module)
Reduction - 30 : 1  
Rated Torque :
Rated Voltage : 
No Load Speed : 
Incremental Encoder : 
Interface :
 16Pin Plat Cable 
Dimension : 60(W)×82(H)×106(D)mm


Step Motor Module
ED-7271-14 (Actuator Module)
Operating Voltage : 12V 
Step Angle :
Resistance : 75Ω 
Interface : 
16Pin Plat Cable 
Dimension : 60(W)×82(H)×103(D)mm


Inclination Sensor 
ED-7271-6 (Actuator Module)
Measurement : X, Y Axis ±45˚ 
Operating Voltage : 
Interface : 
Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension : 60(W)×87(H)×70(D)mm


Electronic Compass 
(Sensor Module)
Resolution : 0 ~ 359.9˚ with 0.1˚ Resolution 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :

Ultrasonic Sensor  ED-7271-3 (Sensor Module)
Frequency : 40kHz 
Detectable : 10cm to 4m 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension : 74(W)×82(H)×60(D)mm 

RC Motor Module (Pan/Tilt)   ED-7271-10 (Actuator Module)
Actuator Module
Operating Voltage : 
Rated Torque :
Interface : 16Pin Plat Cable 
Dimension : 90(W)×139(H)×105(D)mm

Image Sensor ED-7271-10 (Sensor Module)
Sensor Module
CCD Camera :
 ¼″Color VGA CMOS Image Sensor, 
                               31k Pixel, Angle 52 Degree 
Image Processing : Color recognition, Patch recognition, Distance detection possible
Target Panel : Circle, Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Up 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 USB 1.1
Dimension : 80(W)×40(H)×105(D)mm

Illuminance Sensor ED-7271-1 (Sensor Module)
Light Sensor : Max. Brightness 100lx 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension : 60(W)×72(H)×80(D)mm

Touch & Bumper Sensor  ED-7271-18 (Sensor Module) _OPTION
Operating Voltage : 5V
Capacitive Sensing : 2 Point
Tape Switch : 1 Point
Interface : Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat Cable)
Dimension : 60(W)×50(H)×70(D)mm

RFID Reader Module  ED-7271-19 (Sensor Module) _OPTION
CPU : ATmega128
Operation Voltage : 5V
Frequency : 13.56MHz
TAG Protocol : ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Standards
Operation Range : Up to 3cm
Interface : Serial Sensor Network(10Pin Plat Cable) 
Dimension : 80(W)×51(H)×105(D)mm

Voice Recognition & Synthesis ED-7271-21 (Sensor Module)
CPU : S3C2440(400MHz)
Operation Voltage : 5V
MIC : ø6, Sensitivity(-33dB)
Speaker : Oval type(35 x 20mm), Rated Power(1W)
Interface : Serial Sensor Network(10Pin Plat Cable)
Voice Recognition : Speaker Independent, Max. 100 words(max.16 characters)
Voice Synthesis : Text to Speech, Max. 100 characters
Detect Voice Direction : Detection Ramge(1800), Resolution(15˚)
Dimension : 70(W) x 48(H) x 140(D)mm

Pyroelectric Infrared ED-7271-7 (Sensor Module)
Distance : 5m, 119˚×38˚ 
Operating Voltage : 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :

Infrared Distance Sensor 
ED-7271-4 (Sensor Module)
Detectable : 10cm to 80cm 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :


Panel Fix Module 
ED-7271-17 (Application Module)
Target Panel : Circle, Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Up 
Panel Dimension : 110(W)×1(H)×100(D)mm 
Module Dimension : 80(W)×40(H)×105(D)mm

Bi Directional Module 
ED-7271-16 (Application Module)
Driver Type : Bi-Directional 
Gear Type : Straight Bevel Gear 
Interface : Timing Pulley (φ65) 
Dimension :

Light Source Module ED-7271-2 (Application Module)
Detect Control : 10 Level Control 
Operating Voltage : 
Interface : 
Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :

Slide Module ED-7271-11 (Application Module)
Measurement Range : 0 to 300mm 
Dimension : 

DC Servo Motor
12V, 170rpm 30 : 1
RC Servo Motor
5V, 4.1kg·cm
Step Motor
12V, 75Ω, 1.8 Step
X-Y Measurement ±45˚
Electronic Compass
0~359.9˚ with 0.1˚ resolution

Voice Recognition

Max. 100 words (max. 16 characters)

RFID Reader

13.56MHz, ISO/IEC 14443 A/B, up to 3cm

Piezoelectric Infrared
Distance : 5m, 119°×38°
Frequency : 40kHz
Detectable : 10cm to 4m
IR Distance
Detectable : 10cm to 80cm
Light Sensor
Max. Brightness 100lx
CCD Camera, Voice Synthesis(max. 100 characters
User Interface Port

USB 2.0 High Speed (USB B-type receptacle)

USB 2.0
DC Motor, RC Motor, PWM Control
Serial Sensor Network
General Spec
Working Board Dimension

Educational Courses

Phase 1
Definition of Robot
Structure of Robot
Key Technologies
    for Robot
Phase 2
Key Technologies for a 
    Intelligent Sensor
Types and Structure of 
Phase 3
Practice with an actuator based 
    sensor signal
Practice of controlling a service 
    robot using voice recognition and 
Practice on home security using 
    body detectors

Application Control Practice

Practice Objective  
Type 1
This program uses two or more types of sensors and adds 'Stop'(Alarm System)
    using image sensor to the existing combination of sensors.


Practice Objective  Type 2
You will understand the principle of panel recognition via an image camera
    and determine the use of robot.

ED-7271-18 Touch & Bumper Sensor : 1ea
ED-7271-19 RFID Reader Module with 13.56MHz RFID Tag(2ea) : 1ea

Flowchart Based Application Software(IRES)
OS Environment : Windows 2000, XP
Operation Manual
USB Cable : 1ea 
Timing Belt : 3ea
AC cord : 1ea
Image Target Panel : 6 types
Dusty cover 
Working board : 800(W)x610(H)mm

Application Software

Program : Flowchart based application software  
Operation Environment : Windows XP

Control Module (1 Type) : Integrated Control over a Intelligent Robot
Motor Module Controller (DC, Step and RC Motor)
Motor & Sensor Module Power Management
Sensor Module PC Interface Management
USB 2.0 Hub Included (USB Camera and Receiver)
Actuator Module (3 Types) : Motor Required for Robot Design
DC Motor Module : Including Grid and Encoder. 
                               Used as a robot actuator for its precise control
Step Motor Module : Popular for its easy control
RC Motor Module : Mainly for easy angular-controlling, articular robots
Sensor Module (10 Types) : Sensor required for a smart robot
Ultrasonic Sensor : For detecting the distance to an obstacle
Infrared Sensor : For detecting the distance to an obstacle
Inclination Sensor : For detecting the inclination of a robot
Electronic Compass Sensor : For detecting the direction of a moving robot
Pyroelectric Sensor : For determining the existence of a person
Illuminance Sensor : For measuring the brightness of light
Image Sensor : For identifying a specified object and measuring the distance
Touch & Bumper Sensor : Detects the touch of human being and objects
RFID Reader Module : Application of recognition for RFID Tag
Voice Recognition & Synthesis Module : Voice recognition for Robot, out of Synthes is 
    speech and application of detect the direction of sound
Application Module (4 Types) : Secondary module for robot practice
Bi-Directional Driving Module : Vivid display of motor driving
Slide Module : For measuring the distance to an obstacle
Light Source Module : Light Sensor Assistant Module
Panel Fix Module : Secondary Module of a Camera for Image Processing





















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