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· Covers overall basic experiments for the mobile robot using a floor detecting sensor and a front 
  area detecting distance sensor
· Offers basic-to-advanced training curriculum on the control of robot using embedded MICOM, 
  3-axis motor, IR sensor, PSD sensor and Omni-directional wheel
· Uniquely designed mechanism that has employed Omnidirectional wheel with the interval in 1200 
  for allowing dynamic movement in all directions 
· Five IR sensors mounted to detect a specific color and send the data to Host CPU using interrupt 
· Three PSD sensor mounted as basic shipped components, and capable of combining and 
  mounting additional PSD sensor(2ea), human body detection sensor(1ea) and so on 
· Provides related library source to help control the robot using Application program(C language) 
· Comes with user manual covering various types of sensor adopted for the intelligent robot 
· Four buttons for controlling the robot's hardware and LCD for viewing its status easily 
· Downloadable through USB AVR ISP terminal 
· Smart battery system that allows to check the battery life

• Type of Mobility
» Omni-directional
• Control Method
» Embedded Micom Based Control
• Max. Linear Moving Speed
» 50cm/s

» ATmega128
• Motor
» Avaliable : Axis(Default 3Axis, External 3Axis)
» Motor : DC Geared Motor
» Operation Mode : Close Loop
» Encoder : Optical Incremental Encoder(26Pulse/1Cycle)
• Battery
» 4S/1P(Lithium Polymer)
» Duration: 80 minutes or slightly longer
» Motor impression voltage: below 12VDC
• I/O
» LCD : Blue LCD, 2Line x 20 character
» Button : 4ea(for input)
» LED : Power LED : 1ea, User LED 2ea
» Analog Input : 8point
» Digital I/O : 8point
• Mechanical Part
» Type of Mobility : Omni-directional
» Wheels : 3ea
» Robot's Appearance : Cylinder type
» Robot's Size : Diameter : 255mm, Height : 200mm
• Sensor Part
» Floor Detecting Sensor : IR Sensor : 5ea
» Forward Area Detecting Sensor
〉PSD Sensor : 3ea (Front 0˚, ±30˚)
〉Sensing Distance : 10~80cm

• Smart Battery Pack (4S/2P Lithium Polymer)
• PSD Sensor
• Ultrasonic Sensor
• Human Body Detection Sensor
• Aluminum Carrying Case
• Puck(Red, Yellow, Blue : ®™40 x 60mm) : 1set
• Puck Tray [50(W) x 105(H) x 50(D)mm] : 1set
• Puck & Puck Collector : 1set
• Lance(®™12x160mm) : 1ea

• Smart Battery : 1ea
• Battery Charger : 1ea
• External DC Power Cable : 1ea
• AC Cord : 1ea
• Serial Cable : 1ea
• USB Extension Cable : 1ea
• USB AVR ISP : 1ea
• Program CD(including Source) : 1copy
• Experimental Manual : 1ea

  Intelligent Robot Development Kit   ED-7273  

· Obstacle avoidance and autonomous traveling using eight ultrasonic sensors
· Various types of robot configuration by combining each module
· Remote control by the Controller
· Precise operation by DC Servo Motor
· Flow chart based programming software

System Structure


· DC Servo Motor : Zeros the radius of circulation by placing two DC gear lead motors and 
                               an incremental encoder in the center
· Power Management : Manages the entire power and supplies power to each controller 
                                     and motors
· Battery : Consists of a smart Li-Ion battery, has a capacity of 15V, 4A (Max) and has 
                 a removable design
· Sensor Controller : Includes ultrasonic and infrared sensors via USB and sends signal 
                                   to the host by monitoring sensors
· Motion Controller : Precisely control the DC Servo motor in terms of speed, position and mode 
                                 and determines the mileage of a robot based on information from an 
                                 incremental encoder
· USB Hub : Sensors and motion controllers in a robot send commands to the host PC via a 
                    USB hub to allow a direct control over a robot
Motion Controller Avaliable motor 2 axis
Operation mode closed loop
Mechanism 2-Wheel Differential  
Battery(include) Lithium-Ion(2S1P), DC15V, 4A  
Sensor Part (include) Ultrasonic 10cm to 4M
IR Distance 10cm to 80cm
IR Recive(Remocon)  
Battle System IR Transmission/Receive 
(Single body)
Damage Detect LED Green, Red  
Charger 15V, 8A Constant Voltage Charger  
OS CPU Intel Pentium 2GHz or over
Memory 512MB or higher
※ Providing separate power to OS
Windows XP
Option Specification
Pan/Tilt Camera CMOS Camera 1/4-inch CMOS color image sensor
Video Capture : 640X480 pixels
30 frame per second
Resolution : 330,000 pixel
RC Motor 3.3kg cm toque
Pan/Tilt RC Motor
(Append Purchasing)
Lithium-Ion(2S1P), DC15V, 4A  
Voice Synthesis Voice synthetic function  by using Korean female voice  
Voice Recognition Speaker’s voice distinctive recognition method  
Size : Ø380X260(H)mm
Weight : 10kg
Basic practice using Visual C++
Basic control experiments
   ㆍDC motor
   ㆍRC motor
   ㆍSensor (ultrasonic, infrared) control
   ㆍImage sensor control

Basic robot control practice 
   ㆍImage trace control 
   ㆍMap generation application
   ㆍAutonomous driving application
• Pan/Tilt Camera
» CMOS Camera : 1/4-inch CMOS color Image Sensor 
                                   Video Capture : 640 x 480 pixels 
                                   30 frame Per Second 
                                   Resolution : 330,000 pixel
» RC Motor : 3.3kg cm Toque, Pan/Tilt RC Motor
• Laser for IR(Transmission & Reception)
• Navigation Module
• Driver Tool Set : 1ea
• Bolt Storage Box : 1ea
• Infrared Remote Controlle r: 1ea
• Carrying Case : 1ea
• Software CD : 1ea
• User Manual : 1ea
Assembling Method of Robot

Custody Box

Assembling Process

  Intelligent Robot Platform   ED-7270  
· Insight into the intelligent robot and step-by step practices
· Various services through the functions of Zigbee and RFID reader
· Recognition of the robot’s position and direction
· Various training contents using the dialogue language (programs)
· Image processing by the Fan/Tilt USB camera
· Human-friendly design to interact with the human being
· Ideal for the ubiquitous and home network based experiments
· Home security experiments in utilization of its unattended security function
· Robot Control API using Visual C++ and control function by Visual Basic Scripter
· Next generation cell (Lithium Ion) – compact size and increase in life time

Intel Pentium M 1.8GHz
IEEE 802.11g(USB)
256k Color, 7Inch, Touch Screen
Dot Matrix

16×32dot,3color(Korean 2 letters, English 5 letters)

Apply Motor
Operation Mode
Closed Loop


USB 2.0 A-Plug
10cm to 4m
IR Distance
10cm to 80cm
Motion Detect
119°×98° , 5m Distance
Touch Sensor
4 Point
Illuminance Sensor
0~10 Level Output
Voice Recognition
Software Engine(ViceEZ v2.0) (Option)
Voice Speech
Software voice speech (Option)

Navigation Module

Stargazer (Option)

Lithium Ion
6S4P(Smart Battey System)
Driving Type
2-Wheel Differential
Pan axis
Tilt axis
Up 40°, Down 30°





ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Standards, MIFARE

General Spec.

Phase 1
Concept and definition of the intelligent robot
Structure and principle of the intelligent robot

Phase 2
Principle and practice for the intelligent robot’s sensor
Voice recognition and image sensor
Programming through the dialogue-type language

Phase 3 
Operation of the dialogue based robot
Ubiquitous environment based control
Autonomous movement and object recognition

Phase 4 
Practice on movement following with an optimized route
Practice on remote network control

· Voice Recognition Module
· Voice Synthesis Module
· Navigation Module
· DC Power Supply (Including Recharger Cable)
· Robot Storage Case (Aluminum)
· Flow Chart Software CD
· Wireless Access Point

Controlling the robot without using any advanced language

The interactive dialogues language allows self programming and helps understand the 
     relationship between the robot’s various sensors and each of its operation parts by 
     detecting problems in operation

The user can program the application software based on URC 
     (Ubiquitous Robotic Companion) which is a standard for the intelligent robot, and can apply 
     the application program to all of ED’s intelligent robot

A flow chart based GUI environment for the robot’s operation without having to take basic 
    courses on programming language (Visual C++, Visual Basic, C++, C); Such programming 
    result can be checked on Debug View in the GUI environment

“Smart Update” to ensure use of a latest version of the dialogue based application program


Ubiquitous-Based Network
Network based on IEEE802.11g and IEEE802.15.4 to allow to
    collect information on robots anytime and anywhere.

Dot-Metrics to Express Sensitivity
Expressing Feelings to Users using Dot-Metrics 
    · 16×32dot      · 3color (Green, Red, Yellow)      · English five letters    

Recognition of Finger Language Using Image Processing
Providing an Algorithm to Control Robots using Finger Language

Applying ZigBee Cooldinator (IEEE802.15.4)
Acquiring Information from Neighboring ZigBee Sensor Nodes


Applying RFID Reader
The RFID Reader on the front of robot recognizes users and 
     provides application service

Touch Sensor
Implementing various HRI capabilities using touch sensors on the 
    front, top and head of the robot

Location Recognition Function
The robot moves to the final destination by recognizing its
    current location, then creating the shortest route

Conflict-Detection Bumper
Safe operation using three sensors on the front of the robot

  Intelligent Robot Trainer   ED-7271  

· 10 types of sensors, 3 types of actuator modules and 4 types of application modules essential for 
  the intelligent robot 
· System structure for seizing the essence of artificial intelligence robots
· Enriched examples for the beginning level to an advanced level in the robot class
· Easy to mount modules by the clamping device 
· Visual, graphical expression of each sensor’s result
· USB High Speed(480Mbps) Interface 
· Extensive learning for the sensors being used in the field of ubiquitous and home network 
· Image processing practice using USB camera
· Application experiment using MSRDS(Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio)

List of Experiments
· Understanding of the artificial intelligence robot
· Classification of technologies applied to the artificial intelligence robot
· Basic structure, mechanism and strength and weakness of the robot
· Principle and practice of the sensor modules
· Types and characteristics of the Actuators (DC Servo Motor, Step Motor, RC Motor) 
· Image processing experiments using the CCD Image Sensor
  (Digital image processing theory and pattern/color recognition principles and experiments) 
· Applied experiments using the intelligent robot kit


Main Controller Module   ED-7271-15 (Control Module)
Interface : USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 2.0 Hub Include)
Support Function : DC Motor Control (2 Slot), RC Motor Control,
Step Motor Control, Serial Sensor Network (4 Slot) 
Operating Voltage : 12V/5A, 5V/3A 
Certification : EMI/EMC with AC Power 
Dimension : 166(W)×86(H)×248(D)mm

DC Motor Module (2ea)
ED-7271-13 (Actuator Module)
Reduction - 30 : 1  
Rated Torque :
Rated Voltage : 
No Load Speed : 
Incremental Encoder : 
Interface :
 16Pin Plat Cable 
Dimension : 60(W)×82(H)×106(D)mm


Step Motor Module
ED-7271-14 (Actuator Module)
Operating Voltage : 12V 
Step Angle :
Resistance : 75Ω 
Interface : 
16Pin Plat Cable 
Dimension : 60(W)×82(H)×103(D)mm


Inclination Sensor 
ED-7271-6 (Actuator Module)
Measurement : X, Y Axis ±45˚ 
Operating Voltage : 
Interface : 
Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension : 60(W)×87(H)×70(D)mm


Electronic Compass 
(Sensor Module)
Resolution : 0 ~ 359.9˚ with 0.1˚ Resolution 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :

Ultrasonic Sensor  ED-7271-3 (Sensor Module)
Frequency : 40kHz 
Detectable : 10cm to 4m 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension : 74(W)×82(H)×60(D)mm 

RC Motor Module (Pan/Tilt)   ED-7271-10 (Actuator Module)
Actuator Module
Operating Voltage : 
Rated Torque :
Interface : 16Pin Plat Cable 
Dimension : 90(W)×139(H)×105(D)mm

Image Sensor ED-7271-10 (Sensor Module)
Sensor Module
CCD Camera :
 ¼″Color VGA CMOS Image Sensor, 
                               31k Pixel, Angle 52 Degree 
Image Processing : Color recognition, Patch recognition, Distance detection possible
Target Panel : Circle, Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Up 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 USB 1.1
Dimension : 80(W)×40(H)×105(D)mm

Illuminance Sensor ED-7271-1 (Sensor Module)
Light Sensor : Max. Brightness 100lx 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension : 60(W)×72(H)×80(D)mm

Touch & Bumper Sensor  ED-7271-18 (Sensor Module) _OPTION
Operating Voltage : 5V
Capacitive Sensing : 2 Point
Tape Switch : 1 Point
Interface : Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat Cable)
Dimension : 60(W)×50(H)×70(D)mm

RFID Reader Module  ED-7271-19 (Sensor Module) _OPTION
CPU : ATmega128
Operation Voltage : 5V
Frequency : 13.56MHz
TAG Protocol : ISO/IEC 14443 A/B Standards
Operation Range : Up to 3cm
Interface : Serial Sensor Network(10Pin Plat Cable) 
Dimension : 80(W)×51(H)×105(D)mm

Voice Recognition & Synthesis ED-7271-21 (Sensor Module)
CPU : S3C2440(400MHz)
Operation Voltage : 5V
MIC : ø6, Sensitivity(-33dB)
Speaker : Oval type(35 x 20mm), Rated Power(1W)
Interface : Serial Sensor Network(10Pin Plat Cable)
Voice Recognition : Speaker Independent, Max. 100 words(max.16 characters)
Voice Synthesis : Text to Speech, Max. 100 characters
Detect Voice Direction : Detection Ramge(1800), Resolution(15˚)
Dimension : 70(W) x 48(H) x 140(D)mm

Pyroelectric Infrared ED-7271-7 (Sensor Module)
Distance : 5m, 119˚×38˚ 
Operating Voltage : 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :

Infrared Distance Sensor 
ED-7271-4 (Sensor Module)
Detectable : 10cm to 80cm 
Operating Voltage : 5V 
Interface :
 Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :


Panel Fix Module 
ED-7271-17 (Application Module)
Target Panel : Circle, Triangle, Square, Left, Right, Up 
Panel Dimension : 110(W)×1(H)×100(D)mm 
Module Dimension : 80(W)×40(H)×105(D)mm

Bi Directional Module 
ED-7271-16 (Application Module)
Driver Type : Bi-Directional 
Gear Type : Straight Bevel Gear 
Interface : Timing Pulley (φ65) 
Dimension :

Light Source Module ED-7271-2 (Application Module)
Detect Control : 10 Level Control 
Operating Voltage : 
Interface : 
Serial Sensor Network (10Pin Plat cable) 
Dimension :

Slide Module ED-7271-11 (Application Module)
Measurement Range : 0 to 300mm 
Dimension : 

DC Servo Motor
12V, 170rpm 30 : 1
RC Servo Motor
5V, 4.1kg·cm
Step Motor
12V, 75Ω, 1.8 Step
X-Y Measurement ±45˚
Electronic Compass
0~359.9˚ with 0.1˚ resolution

Voice Recognition

Max. 100 words (max. 16 characters)

RFID Reader

13.56MHz, ISO/IEC 14443 A/B, up to 3cm

Piezoelectric Infrared
Distance : 5m, 119°×38°
Frequency : 40kHz
Detectable : 10cm to 4m
IR Distance
Detectable : 10cm to 80cm
Light Sensor
Max. Brightness 100lx
CCD Camera, Voice Synthesis(max. 100 characters
User Interface Port

USB 2.0 High Speed (USB B-type receptacle)

USB 2.0
DC Motor, RC Motor, PWM Control
Serial Sensor Network
General Spec
Working Board Dimension

Educational Courses

Phase 1
Definition of Robot
Structure of Robot
Key Technologies
    for Robot
Phase 2
Key Technologies for a 
    Intelligent Sensor
Types and Structure of 
Phase 3
Practice with an actuator based 
    sensor signal
Practice of controlling a service 
    robot using voice recognition and 
Practice on home security using 
    body detectors

Application Control Practice

Practice Objective  
Type 1
This program uses two or more types of sensors and adds 'Stop'(Alarm System)
    using image sensor to the existing combination of sensors.


Practice Objective  Type 2
You will understand the principle of panel recognition via an image camera
    and determine the use of robot.

ED-7271-18 Touch & Bumper Sensor : 1ea
ED-7271-19 RFID Reader Module with 13.56MHz RFID Tag(2ea) : 1ea

Flowchart Based Application Software(IRES)
OS Environment : Windows 2000, XP
Operation Manual
USB Cable : 1ea 
Timing Belt : 3ea
AC cord : 1ea
Image Target Panel : 6 types
Dusty cover 
Working board : 800(W)x610(H)mm

Application Software

Program : Flowchart based application software  
Operation Environment : Windows XP

Control Module (1 Type) : Integrated Control over a Intelligent Robot
Motor Module Controller (DC, Step and RC Motor)
Motor & Sensor Module Power Management
Sensor Module PC Interface Management
USB 2.0 Hub Included (USB Camera and Receiver)
Actuator Module (3 Types) : Motor Required for Robot Design
DC Motor Module : Including Grid and Encoder. 
                               Used as a robot actuator for its precise control
Step Motor Module : Popular for its easy control
RC Motor Module : Mainly for easy angular-controlling, articular robots
Sensor Module (10 Types) : Sensor required for a smart robot
Ultrasonic Sensor : For detecting the distance to an obstacle
Infrared Sensor : For detecting the distance to an obstacle
Inclination Sensor : For detecting the inclination of a robot
Electronic Compass Sensor : For detecting the direction of a moving robot
Pyroelectric Sensor : For determining the existence of a person
Illuminance Sensor : For measuring the brightness of light
Image Sensor : For identifying a specified object and measuring the distance
Touch & Bumper Sensor : Detects the touch of human being and objects
RFID Reader Module : Application of recognition for RFID Tag
Voice Recognition & Synthesis Module : Voice recognition for Robot, out of Synthes is 
    speech and application of detect the direction of sound
Application Module (4 Types) : Secondary module for robot practice
Bi-Directional Driving Module : Vivid display of motor driving
Slide Module : For measuring the distance to an obstacle
Light Source Module : Light Sensor Assistant Module
Panel Fix Module : Secondary Module of a Camera for Image Processing





















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