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  Exciting & Dynamic Robot Control Simulation Software   EDS-EDRS  

ㆍSimulation in various types of environment by configuring the robot and environment 
   in three-dimension
ㆍConfiguration of the robot and environment by Robot Editor and Environment Editor
ㆍVarious sensors essential for the robot and environment can be mounted and monitored 
   at the user’s choice 
ㆍ28 types of sensor for entering real life-like parameters and performing simulation
ㆍCapable of exporting and loading the robot, object and environment which the user has drawn 
   using 3D Max (OPTION)
ㆍPossesses compiler itself and allows control of each robot sensor using C, C++ and Flow 
   Chart Language; and perform build and debug 
ㆍProgramming Library enables programming on Virtual C++(MFC) and Eclipse
ㆍVision Sensor for viewing an object at the robot’s point of view; and observation at the 
   user’s and robot’s point of view in separate windows
ㆍRealistic simulation using the Kinetic Engine for controlling the robot’s complex and 
   minute performances 
ㆍEhancement of educational effects with the Electronic Manual covering the robotics courses 
   and over 20 types of flash animation for sensors and actuators
ㆍReal-time upgrade of a latest version through the software’s Upgrade function on Internet

Dynamic Element Generator

It consists of library for making Robot configuration and environmental element
   with using 3D Max plug-in. In addition, users can make the robot configuration
   easily with using GUI (Graphical User Interface) by themselves.

Detailed function of Dynamic Element Generator

 - Setting up the joint between robot object.  
  ① Revolute Joint : Setting up the joint to enable rotate Z-axis as a standard.
  ② Prismatic Joint : Setting up the joint for connecting more easily two of
                             objects at the same direction.
  ③ Fixed Joint : Setting up the connecting joint to fix the two of objects.
  ④ Base : Setting up the imaginary joint to connect two of objects.
  ⑤ Spherical : Setting up the globe-shaped wheel through the shape of Caster.

Bounding Box - In case of doing Kinetics simulation, use the part of collision
                             with other object with bounding box instead of graphics.
  ① Box : Setting up the bounding box in shape of quadrilateral cube.
  ② Cylinder : Setting up the bounding box in shape of cylinder.
  ③ Sphere : Setting up the bounding box in shape of sphere.

Object Connector - Perform the role to enable connect between each
                                   components of robot.
  ① Bolt : Define the bolt which means the standard components in two of
              robot components. Setting up the ID and then connect them each other.
  ② Nut : Define the nut which is attached components in the standard components.
              Setting up the ID and then connect them each other.

 - Joint, Bounding object, object connector.
                     Setting up the class structure.

Components for robot and environment
    - Include the various physical attribute and mechanical parameter in the
      constituent which is consisted of robot and environment. 
  ① Setting up DC motor such as torque, motor, and gear ratio.
  ② Setting up physical attribute such as weight and location.
  ③ Setting up material attribute for the objects of the material.
  ④ Setting up many kinds of sensors such as light, physics,
      and environment sensors.

  ① Robot Library: This Library provides humanoid and other types of 
      robot. The user can add his own library developed using Library 
      Developing Tool

  ② Sensor Library: Comes with 28 types of sensor. The sensors are 
      mounted on the surface of the robot or inside the robot using the 
      Sensor Arrangement Tool

  ③ Library Preview: Allows page preview of the robot and Sensor Library

  ④ Object Attributes: Checks attributes of the robot and sensor objects
  ⑤ Sensor Arrangement Tool: Capable of free rotation and position 
      control at the time of arranging the sensors
  ⑥ Configuration of Sensor Attributes: Can change attributes suitable 
      for the characteristics of each sensor

FL(Flowchart Language) : It can do easily programming for controlling robot through
   control and state block for sensors and actuators.

Users can simulate easily the robot by themselves.

C/C++: Simulate to work automatically together the simulator.
   It can be supplied C/C++ editor for exclusive use.

Users can simulate more intensively if they know the basic knowledge with regard to
   programming language.

Supply the API functions to control sensors and actuators.

Supply the control library and example project to enable control with using other
   languages such as MFC, JAVA, and Python.


  ① Environment Library: This Library consists of basic environments and 
      various elements. The user can register his own library additionally 
      using Library Developing Tool
  ② Library Preview: Allows page preview of Environment Library to be applied

  ③ View of Environment Attributes: Shows the attributes for selected 
      environment objects

  ④⑤⑥ Free View / Front View / Plane View: Configures three-dimensional 
            environment using Free View, Front View and Plane View

  ⑦ Environment Arrangement Tool: Arranges each object to compose the 
      environment in convenience using the Tool

  ⑧ Environment Creation Tool: It is a powerful environment setup tool 
      to compose various types of floor, wall and door upon the user’s choice

  ⑨ Environment Parameter Setup: Configures environment parameters 
      such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure and simulate 
      these assigned values

  ⑩ Attribute Alteration Model: Consists of human body detection, sound 
      source, light source and heat source, and provides the attribute alteration 
      model to give input for a specific sensor

This simulator combines and simulates the robot and environment 
    which was composed on the Robot Editor and Environment Editor
Checks the operation status of various sensors such as infrared and ultrasonic
Simultaneous simulation of multiple robots in the same environment
Checks the data of actuators and sensors through Report View
Execution of C/C++ and Flowchart Language in the types of Release and Debug
Can change the environment’s temperature, humidity and atmospheric 
    pressure using Environment Variable Edit Windows during the course 
    of simulation 

Simulate for vision algorithm with using flowchart language, C/C++, MFC, and NET (15F/sec) 
User can use to insert image camera maximum up to 10 units.
   It can be applied various type with using them.

Support the functions for voice recognition and synthesis with using Flowchart Language,
   C/C++, and MFC.

Build up the interactive module with using the configuration of voice recognition and synthesis.

Supply the functions to configure the voice for the exclusive use of man, woman,
   and English version.

Support the functions to enable use C/C++ and Flowchart Language during
   network simulation.

User can create the specific server with the port they want to use.

Support the function for using network simulation in real time.

User can designate the initial location of robot into the network in real time.

Support the function to enable chat between each of clients in real time.

Supply the flash animation to supplement the education regarding sensors and actuators.

Provide the dynamic moving picture regarding the operation principle of the sensors
   and actuators. 

Control the flash and moving picture according to situation.




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