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  New & Renewable Energy Trainer   ED-9710  
- Conversion processing experiments on the produced energy (power production / processing)
- Energy efficiency experiments followed by energy production and conversion
- Voltage and current characteristics curve
- Standalone or integrated operation of the energy experimental module
- Enriched teaching aids such as simulation software for power production

ED-9710-01 Charging Controller Module-Ⅰ 
• Charge Controller
 System Voltage: 12V
 Self Power Consumption: 6~9mA
- Charge Voltage: Floa-13.8V, Absorption-14.4V/14.4V
 Discharge Blocking Voltage: 11.4V
 Load Reconnecting Voltage: 12.4V
 Temperature Compensation: 20mV

• Buzzer for Input Polarity
- Operating Voltage: 5~12V

ED-9710-02 DC/AC Inverter Module-Ⅰ 
• Pseudo Sine Wave Inverter
 Rated Continuous Output: 350W
 Max. Instant Output: 700W
 Input Voltage: 10~15VDC
 Output Voltage: 220VAC
 Low Voltage Alarm: 10.5V±0.5V

• Sine Wave Inverter
 Rated Continuous Output: 200W
 Max. Instant Output: 400W
 Input Voltage: 10~16VDC
 Output Voltage: 220VAC
- Low Voltage Alarm: 11.0V±0.5V,
 High Voltage Isolation: 16.0V±0.5V

• Buzzer for Input Polarity
 Operating Voltage: 5~12V

ED-9710-03 Energy Storage Module 
• MF Battery
- Voltage: 12V
 Capacity: 2.0AH

• Battery Charger
- Rated Input Voltage: 220V/60Hz/170mA
- Rated Output Voltage: DC 12V
- Rated Output Current: 1.6A

• Buzzer for Input Polarity
- Operating Voltage: 5~12V

ED-9710-04 Central Communication Module
• LED (10ea)
 Operating Voltage: 5V
 Size: Ø5
 Color: Blue

• COM Port (9ea)
- I/O Type: RS-485

ED-9710-05 AC Load Module 
• Fluorescent Lamp
- Operating Voltage: AC 220V
 Rated Input Current: 0.09A
 Lighting Frequency: 42KHz

• AC Motor
- Operating Voltage: AC 110/220V
- Power Consumption: 3.5W
- Speed : 36rpm

• 220V Power Outlet
- Allowable Voltage: 220V/15A

ED-9710-06 DC Load Module
• DC Lamp
- Operating Voltage: 3~12VDC

• DC Motor
- Operating Voltage: 12V
- Power Consumption: 0.63W
- Speed: 6,100rpm

• Buzzer for Input Polarity
- Operating Voltage: 5~12V

ED-9710-07 DC/DC Converter Module-Ⅰ
• DC/DC Converter
- Input Voltage: 10~36V
- Output Voltage: 12V
- Output Current: 1.25A
- Output method: single

- Operating Voltage: DC 12V
- Power Consumption: 0.7W
- Type: Ball Bearing
- Variable Resistance: 1KΩ

• Buzzer for Input Polarity
 Operating Voltage: 5~12V

ED-9710-10 Photovoltaic Module-Ⅰ 
- Max. Operating Power: 5W
- Open Voltage: 20.5V
- Short Circuit: 0.3A
- Operating Voltage: 17.64V
 Operating Current: 0.284A

General Characteristics

DC(AC) Voltage Meter, DC(AC) Ampere Meter 
- Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
- Power Consumption: 5VA
- Max. Indication Range: -1999 ~ 9999 (4 lines)
- RS-485 Communication Output : 1200/2400/4800/9600bps
 Protocol: Modbus

Communication Port 
 No. of Pin: 32 pin × 2

ED9710-71 RS-485 Connector
- Communication Speed: 9600bps

General Characteristics
Input Voltage : AC 220V 60Hz

ED9710-73 Multi RS-485 Converter Module• Processor : Atmega128, 8bit RISC
• Memory : 128k Program Flash, 64k SRAM
• Program Downloader : ISP
• Interface : RS-485, RS-232, USB
• 485 Driver Chip : ADM1485


- Understanding of the solar cell energy 
- Photo electricity simulation
- Ohm’s Law and voltmeter/ammeter
- Characteristics of solar cell (Isc, Voc, Im, Vm, Fill Factor)
- Light source’s intensity and shadow
- Basic circuits for charge and Inverter
- Charge using the solar cell
- AC/DC Inverter (sine wave / pseudo sine wave)
- Standalone 12V solar cell system
- Optional hybrid experiments (Option: ED-9731 or ED-9732 model)

Basic Module 
1. ED-9710-01 Charging Controller Module-Ⅰ 
2. ED-9710-02 DC/AC Inverter Module-Ⅰ 
3. ED-9710-03 Energy Storage Module 
4. ED-9710-04 Central Communication Module 
5. ED-9710-05 AC Load Module 
6. ED-9710-06 DC Load Module 
7. ED-9710-07 DC/DC Converter Module-Ⅰ 
8. ED-9710-10 Photovoltaic Module-Ⅰ
9. ED-9710-71 RS-485 Communication Board (8ea)
10. ED-9710-73 Multi RS-485 Converter (1ea) 

Integrated System (Option)300W Wind Generator Kit (ED-9732)

Work Table   
  - Dimension: 1490(W)×846(H)×800(D)mm   
  - Material: MDF, wheel type with drawers
⋅Experimental Rack: 1490(W)x918(H)x320(D)mm
⋅Cable (Power, Serial, Circuit Connection) : 1set
⋅Monitoring Software CD: 1ea
⋅User Manual: 1ea


⋅Checks the voltage/current data per module (text and graph)
⋅Graph and data storage function
⋅I-V characteristics curve graph  output for PV module 

PC : LabVIEW Monitoring Program

⋅Photo electricity simulation
⋅Basic circuits and voltmeter/ammeter practices
⋅Ohm’s Law simulation

  JAVA photo electricity simulation

  JAVA Ohm’s Law simulation

  JAVA basic circuits simulation



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