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· Home Network Based Experiments Suitable for Ubiquitous Computing
· Designed to Help Develop a Network Device on the Basis of Lon Protocol 
· Control of Each Device Installed in the Field through Power Line Communication
· Related Experiments through Neuron C and MICOM Programming
· Home Network Control in Utilization of LabVIEW
· Modular Structure with a Rack for Convenient Wiring
· Home Network Device Control through the Internet (Home Gateway)

Wall Pad Module



Icons for the Module Components on 7” touch LCD for Control
C-MOS Camera
Monitoring and Door Control
Processor : PX270 ARM CORE
                  PL3120 Transceiver
Display : 7” touch LCD
Communication: Ethernet , PLC (Power Line Communication)

Heating Control Module


Temperature Control Device for Heating Valve Control
Encoder Switch for Temperature Control
Control of the Valve through Main Control Module
Control by LabVIEW Program
Control by the Remote Controller (Integrated Type)
Control through Wall Pad

Main Control Module


Modular Control through the Switches
Remote Controller for Controlling Each Module
External Output Terminal for Customized Experiments for the User
Processor : PL3120 Transceiver
12V Relay, 24V Relay OUT Terminal
Total of Eight Input Switches
Infrared (IR) Communication in Utilization of the Remote Controller

Gas/Door Control Module


GAS Detector for Gas Valve Control
Main Control Module for Door Control
Control By LabVIEW Program
Control through Wall Pad
ZigBee/RFID for Door Control
Processor : PL3120 Transceiver
Digital Door Rock
Digital Door Lock
Gas Detector, DC 12V Gas Valve
CC2420 ZigBee Module

Blocking Filter Module


Isolates the Equipment from its Surrounding and Blocks Communication Once Power Line Communication goes through this Filter
Rating Voltage: 220/110V
Rating Current: 50A
Operating Temperature : -10C ~ +40C
Distortion: above 40dB
Bandwidth: 110kHz ~ 140kHz

Concent Module


Electric Outlet Control
Control by LabVIEW Program Using RS-232 Interface
Processor : PL3120 Transceiver
RS-232 Monitoring

Curtain Module


Control of Curtains through Main Control Module
Control by LabVIEW Program
Control by the Remote Control (Integrated Type)
Control through Wall Pad
Processor : PL3120 Transceiver
DC 24V Motor Control (Power Line Communication)

Illumination Control / IR Module

ON/OFF Switch for Lamp Control
Main Control Module for Lamp Control
Control By LabVIEW Program
Control by the Remote Control (Integrated Type)
Control through Wall Pad
Processor : PL3120 Transceiver
AC 220V Glow Lamp, DC 12V LED Lamp
Combined Infrared Switch

RFID/ZigBee Access Control Module

Control through Power Line Communication

Door Control Using RFID and ZigBee
RFID, ZigBee, PLC (Power Line Communication) Access
F/W Programming through Neuron C
13.56MHz RFID Reader
Sensing Distance: 100mm
ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, Type B
Processor : AT89C51(8051)
ZigBee Module(CC 2420)


Each Device’s Control is Possible through Each Icon of the Integrated HMI that Enables Controlling Illumination, Heating, Blinds, Electric Outlet, Dimmer and Indoor Temperature


Modular Characteristics in Common

    - Memory: ROM 24KB, EEPROM 4KB, SRAM 2KB
· Overview of Home Network Technology
· Principles on Home Network Device Related Hardware and Software
· Understanding of Home Network Scenarios
· Programming for each Device’s Operation
· Commissioning and Network Binding Using LonMaker
· Control of Each Device
· Interoperable Self Installation  
· Operating System: Protocol Scheduler
· Communication Channel: PLC
· Dimension: 420(W)×300(H)×95(D)mm
· Input Voltage: 220V
· NodeBuilder Compiler
· PL3120 Transreceiver 
· Experimental Table
  -MDF Material, Wheel type With Drawers)
  -1490(W) x 800(D) x 846(H)mm
· MiniEVKComiler
· LonMaker 3.1
· Experimental Rack
  -Single Unit Power Source Rack
  -Built-in 15A Circuit Breaker
  -Built-in Indication Lamp
  -Dimension: 1490(W) x 320(D) x 918(H)mm 
· Connection Cables
· AC Cord
· User’s Guide Manual



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